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An EMERGENCY Health Consultation During The Next Crisis - Personalized for You, Your Family or Small Group In Your Community. Please NO Discount Codes On This Listing -

An EMERGENCY Health Consultation During The Next Crisis - Personalized for You, Your Family or Small Group In Your Community. Please NO Discount Codes On This Listing -

$ 99.00


* Included in this offer is a 2 ounce bottle of my DEEP IMMUNE ETI #1 which is an excellent and important Immune Formula to have on Hand!

* Please, NO Discount Codes can be used on this listing.

* ALSO, this is NOT a General Consultation. This listing is for Pandemic related topics - past, present and future.

If you want a General Consultation, there are different requirements and cost. See Here:


Last time there was a National Health Emergency, I was overwhelmed with cries for help and personal consultations. As many of you all experienced it was very tough to find help, advice or guidance on what to do, especially when it came to alternative and natural medicine. I worked 16+ hour days, for many months. I still could not keep up. 

This time around I will have difficulty in helping as many people, simply because of my age, health challenges this year, and the fact that I am semi-retired. 

My connections to the outside world (outside of my home town) simply numbers into the tens of thousands. I have built  a very substantial client base over these last 10 internet years. I just have a difficult time in keeping up with the volume of people.

I offer these LIMITED Consultation spaces to those that want to prepare and want to have access to my vast life experience in regards to pandemics, natural treatments, long term side effects from exposure to various treatments and all things problematic with viral or bacterial infections. 

Know that you will have my personal phone number, email and other vital contact information so that you can seek guidance from me when you need it the most.

Since Jan., 2020, I have been on the front lines of alternative medicine, for helping people treat not only the last virus, but the long term effects and those who also choose the allopathic treatment and ended up with injury and side effects. I have since Jan/2020 worked with over two thousand plus people from this last National/World Health Crisis event and I begin to prepare for the next one .. and you should too!

* Basically, you and your family are getting my personal time, to help give you insight and guidance on the health topics that will serve you best. You get my 33+ years experience as a clinical herbalist, with a served consultation client list of over 100,000 thousand people. But mostly I specialize in viral, bacterial and pandemic like problems, from AIDS to the current times ...

* This private consultation can be for you, your family or your community group of friends or clients. The person who purchases this listing will become the head person of their tribe, family or group. You can share this information from this consultation with others who might be having similar health difficulties... 

Understand, I do this and specialize in these topics, because modern medicine is broken. The last viral event, clearly showed us the limitations of it all. I do this so that my children may have viable answers and may be able to remain healthy and alive. While, I will still help as many folks as I can by posting information where I can, I will not be able to give in-depth advice publicly anymore, because of censorship and restrictions, etc. I will always help where I can .. but the times are shifting against those of us who use natural medicine....

Best Wishes

Michael Cottingham