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FRESH OSHA ROOT - Ligusticum porteri  - 1 Pound Fresh Roots -     A Few Cancelled Orders Available for FALL (September-October) Delivery!

FRESH OSHA ROOT - Ligusticum porteri - 1 Pound Fresh Roots - A Few Cancelled Orders Available for FALL (September-October) Delivery!

$ 75.00


*UPDATE For FRESH Wildcrafted Osha Root Orders ... IMPORTANT * IMPORTANT * IMPORTANT to read if you are waiting on Fresh Osha Root Orders!!!!!

FIRES - A lot of them here in the Southwest are preventing me from accessing my Osha Stands. Roads have been closed for several weeks now, and looks like they will remain closed for a few more... ALSO, the season for Osha Roots is basically over and it is not root time anymore. SO, I am offering 2 options ...

# 1 - A full refund for your purchase and my apologies for not being able to fulfill your order. It has been a tough season, late snows, virus shutdowns, and now fires .... I got a lot of orders out, but not all.

#2 - Keep your order in and I will start filling all back orders starting on September 15th and should have all current back orders done by Mid October. This would be my suggestion, since I will NOT be harvesting anymore Fresh Osha Roots this year ... I will be ONLY fulfilling back orders. You will not have another chance to order, UNLESS I resell the refunded orders. In that case I will list them in my shop as that happens ... I have a few "refunded pounds" available now, just a few...
AGAIN, if you want Fresh Osha Roots to work with ... then keep your orders in and just be patient like I have to be ...

EITHER WAY ... let me know what you would like to do through an email or private message.

Best Wishes

Michael Cottingham  


The year 2020 will be the last year I offer Fresh Osha Roots to the public. It is time to let the stands lay fallow and rest. Although, I will offer salvaged or rescued fresh Osha Roots from time to time or as I discover them. Rescued roots are ones that are in danger of eroding or washing away. We have had severe forest fires over the last few years and in many of the Osha stands, the roots get washed away. These I save for medicine.

All Osha Roots (Ligusticum porteri) that I harvest, are from stands that I have had a personal relationship with for over 25 years. I have literally been farming these stands, and have planted thousands of seeds, and in many of these stands I now harvest roots that I planted from seed 20+ years ago!

There are very few Osha Wildcrafters that can claim a 25 year sustainable relationship with their Osha stands, let alone state they now harvest their roots from seeds they have planted decades ago. When I state, Ethically Wildcrafted ... I do my best to really mean it!

 * You will be notified before I ship, to make sure you are going to be home to receive. All fresh plants are shipped Priority Mail, with a cold pack or frozen ice bottle, this helps assure a fresher plant medicine upon arrival. Please make sure you include a valid contact email with your order ...