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HERBAL CONSULTATION - No Discounts Can Be Used On This Offer!

$ 355.00

*  No Discounts Can Be Used On This Offer! Thank You. 

Once again, starting in January, 2020 -  I am offering private Herbal Consultations. These consist of 1 to 3 hours of in person or phone time consultations. They will also cover initial herbal medicine supplies, ones that I may have on hand to supply.

#1 - Once you have acquired one of these limited spots. You will need to send me an email with the reasons, medical history, and in general a basic medical/health profile. I will need to have the email or written data on hand before we start. As much information as you can or are willing to share will be helpful.

#2 - Once your request and information has been sent, there might be a follow up email to clarify or request more information.

#3 - We will then set a phone time that is convenient to both of us, and begin.

#4 - First formula/s or herbs that I have available and that I can supply to you, will be included in the first - initial consultation.

I have over 27+ years of experience, as an Clinical Herbalist, with over 80,000 clients of experience to draw from. My experience ranges from common health problems to more complex and difficult to solve health situations.