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Become a Part Owner In My GOLD Claim for 5 Months ! * No Discount Codes Can Be Used On This Listing!

$ 300.00

Since the price of Gold seems to be sky rocketing and the trend will most likely continue, I have decided to spend sometime at my Gold Claim that I own, outside of Pinos Altos, New Mexico. I will be Gold Panning, Sluicing and hunting with my Metal Detector. 

I have owned and worked this claim for nearly 20 years. I have officially owned the claim with a partner for about 10 years. Depending on how much time I devote to this claim I always do pretty good and find lots of color. One summer I pulled out nearly six ounces!

This is a historic mining district and Gold has been mined here since the 1860"s and even before... during Spanish times in the late 1500's.

I am selling shares to people who will most certainly have a good return on their purchase/share.

Why I am selling some shares? Simply expressed, I need to buy back some of my own time so that I can spend time on the claim. As a full-time herbalist, most of my time is spent doing herbal medicine. However, if I can sell some of these shares I can pay for some expenses and buy back a little of my time to devote to prospecting. 

If I can buy back some of my time with your share purchase .. I will be finding lots of gold. My claim has lots of gold on it and I NEVER fail to find a fair amount. I just do not have the time to spend at the claim unless I raise some dollars through these shares.

Have I done this before? Yes and each time it has been successful for all who participated. Also, many years ago when I was a famous Meteorite Hunter, I did shares for Metorites as well. All my investors in Gold and Meteorites have been very happy with their return. 

You will end up with more Gold than what your share cost you .. that much I can guarantee. You can make beautiful Gold filled pendants which make great gifts and trade items, (See photos of different pendant types) or just hold onto the Gold you will receive as an investment. 

*Your investment of $300.00 will buy you a 10 % share of ALL the Gold that I will find between June 1st and October 15th. I will settle up with you at the end of October.

  • With the current value of Gold and with knowing what is possible to recover on my claim, I would estimate that if all goes well your Gold value should be two to three times what you paid for your share. A really awesome deal and opportunity for all those that want to play along. I always find Gold on my claim and if I can get the hours in .. I will make your share worth more than you paid.
  • Also, if you are going to be in the Silver City, New Mexico area this summer or between those dates, and you own a share .. I will take you out there for the day and you can find some Gold for yourself!! 
  • You will be paid back in GOLD. I can convert your Gold into Cash if you want for a small fee at that time. However, I would prefer to pay your share in Gold!
  • Come join me for some prospecting this Summer/Fall!!! 

Thanks and Enjoy