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HOLIDAY COLLECTION SPECIAL - FRESH OSHA ROOT 2023/SPRING - Ligusticum porteri - CONSERVATION & SPONSOR OFFER! This is the Only Way To Receive Fresh Root From Voyage Botanica * PLEASE - Do NOT USE DISCOUNT CODES - FOR SPRING 2023 -

$ 299.00

* NO Discount Codes Can Ever Be Used On This Listing ...

You get 2 pounds of FRESH OSHA ROOT in The Spring of 2023 (Read below for details)  Value $145.00

ALSO - You get right NOW the following:

8 ounces of Osha Honey in Glass Bear Jar!  Value $90.00

40 grams of Osha Root Candy  Value $45.00

4 Ounce bottle of Fresh Osha Root Extract  - $45.00

4 ounces of Dry Osha Root - $75.00

1/2 dram of PURE Osha Root Essential Oil  - $67.50

Total if purchased individually $467.50




My general sales of Fresh Osha Root have ended. The only way to receive Fresh Osha Root from me (Michael Cottingham) is to become a sponsor of my conservation and field work that I do with the Osha stands that I am stewarding.. 

I am essentially reducing the quantity of Fresh Osha Root by 90%. Leaving me more time to study and plant seeds for future generations. I do understand that there are some practitioners and herbalists that do use this plant wisely and for this reason, I am offering 20 yearly sponsorship spots.

* For the price of $145.00 (shipping not included), you will receive 2 pounds of Fresh Osha Roots to be delivered between in the Spring of 2023, usually between March and May (Spring for Me), just depends on the weather.

* You are paying for 2 pounds of Fresh Osha Root, to be delivered between Spring 2023.

Instead of closing down my Fresh Osha Root harvesting in its entirety, I have decided to make 20 people, partners in my Conservation Work and Reseeding Projects. Your purchase helps to offset my expenses in the field and at the same time -  provides you with some very sustainable Fresh Osha Roots.

All Osha Roots (Ligusticum porteri) that I harvest, are from stands that I have had a personal relationship with for over 30 years. I have literally been farming these stands, and have planted thousands of seeds, and in many of these stands I now harvest roots that I planted from seed 30+ years ago!

There are very few Osha Wildcrafters that can claim a 30 year sustainable relationship with their Osha stands, let alone state they now harvest their roots from seeds they have planted decades ago. When I state, Ethically Wildcrafted ... I do my best to really mean it!

 * You will be notified before I ship, to make sure you are going to be home to receive. All fresh plants are shipped Priority Mail, with a cold pack or frozen ice bottle, this helps assure a fresher plant medicine upon arrival. Please make sure you include a valid contact email with your order ...