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NEW LIFE PASS - Field Teachings * Online Classes * Products and Much More - One Cost With Many Benefits - A Great Package Offer With Truly An Incredible Price! NO DISCOUNT CODES ON THIS LISTING.

$ 2,000.00

The times we live in demand a Life Pass that is super loaded with incredible items and opportunities that are beyond a great savings ... this pass is an incredible deal and an opportunity of a learning lifetime!

When you purchase this New Life Pass here is what you get!!

1.  You get 5 days of Private Field Time with me in the wilds of Southern New Mexico! How this works is that you come to Silver City, New Mexico and either camp in the forest or get yourself lodging nearby. Each day we will meet and I will take you out into the wilds to learn about plant medicines, collect plants and make medicines. In this 5 day period we might see and learn about 50 different plant medicines. I will also take you to some very special plant medicine places where you will meet some iconic and legendary ones like Osha Root. Each day is tailored to your needs and on average run about 6+ hours a day.  You can bring one extra person with you, especially if that person is into plant medicines, at no extra charge. (Approximate Value - $1500.00) Currently spots will be available for calendar securing in 2023 and beyond. No expiration date on this 5 day learning adventure.

2. You receive a Private Discount, one that is assigned to you and you can use that discount code on plant medicine products, books, classes, basically anything in the shop, except for items that say Please, Do Not Use Discount Codes. Your discount code will be for 60% and can be used anytime you would like and will be good for life! (Approximate value ??? could amount to many, many thousands of dollars). Some of my previous Life Pass holders have saved $5,000.00+ or more and have supplied their health practice with affordable and powerfully effective plant medicines!

3.  ANY current or future online classes are FREE to the holder of this pass. ALL online classes! If you want ANY of the ones currently in stock (previous recordings) just drop me an email telling me which ones. When I announce new ones ... just send me an email telling me you want to join that live class or receive recordings when it is finished. (Approximate Value - ?? Well over thousands of dollars $$$ in the years to come.

4. Anyone who purchases the New Life Pass is entitled to go into my shop and choose for FREE - 4 different single or extract formulas, 4 different ones, 4 OUNCE SIZE, just attach which ones you would like to an email -  with shipping address.  ( Approximate Value $160.00 to $225.00)

5. Each holder of this pass is entitled to a private health or business consultation for a time frame of 1 to 3 hours. It can be a basic or serious herbal consultation for your health needs or even an herbal business consultation! I have been a working clinical herbalist and herbal business owner for over 30 years. My clinical practice and my herbal businesses have been extremely successful and this one on one advice session is based on my real life experience as a working herbalist! (Approximate value $350.00) 

6. For those who may be taking my 7 month field program beginning in March, 2023, you may deduct 20% off from the final payment which is due on the first day of class in March, 2023. (Approximate value is $400.00 !!!)

This overall package should be affordable to a lot more people than ever before and to be very honest the private 5 days with me in the field is really worth twice (especially with a friend included) what this overall New Life Pass is costing!! However, you end up with so much more!!!