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PLANT MEDICINE FORMULAS With Michael Cottingham - Private Facebook Group -  Paid Subscription Access!

PLANT MEDICINE FORMULAS With Michael Cottingham - Private Facebook Group - Paid Subscription Access!

$ 100.00


A New Private Group - Paid Subscription to have access!

* This group will continue until ALL 52 Formulas have been covered! 



(Group Starts January 1st)

This group is about Herbal and Plant Medicine Formulas. After nearly 30 years as a Clinical and Working Herbalist, I have amassed a huge library of Herbal Formulas,  that have been successful and that have worked. Some of the formulas that I will share are ones that have literally made tens of thousands of dollars, and ones that have been used with many thousands of people.

Each week (At least 52 Formulas per year) I will give a Formula or recipe with details about the plants and how to make the formula. Essentially each week will be a specific teaching about a formula as an illustration to those plants in the formula, reasons why, do's and don'ts, etc.

Formulas will include all types of herbal pharmacy techniques - Extracts, Salves, Teas, Baths, Oils, etc...

While this group may not be for everyone (limited space anyway) it will become a very valuable resource. You get to tap into, and I get to share nearly 30 years of accumulated Plant Medicine Knowledge.

Each Formula posted can have followup questions by the members, and a general discussion with no time constraint.

Eventually, there will be formulas covering all aspects of the human body, as well as Veterinarian Formulas. Also, I will consider requests from members for specific formulas.


You can send a direct payment to my PayPal Account which uses:


Just purchase this lisitng! You are good to go and I will send an invite for you to join the group after January 1st, 2020 ... WE HAVE TO BE FACEBOOK Friends for you to able to join the group. So, you will have to send me a friend request!

You can find me here at Facebook -

COST is $100.00 per year.

While the cost at first glance seems rather high, please keep in mind I am teaching and sharing formulas that are proven to work and truly are worth thousands of dollars. It is true and valuable intellectual property that I am selling here ... Mostly, it is a small way for me to get compensated for the teaching in this group.

IMPORTANT - After Payment, after January 1st, I will send you an invite to the group. HOWEVER, we have to be friends, so if we are not, you will need to send a friend request to me ...

Thank You