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Voyage Botanica Sponsor Offer - Help Me To Help Others - Receive This Wonderful Package Of Amazing Plant Medicine Gifts!

$ 1,250.00

I raise a lot of funds throughout the year, for special projects, scholarships, and for helping Medicine People with their needs. This particular offering is simple -  In exchange for your working capital, I will give you a whole bunch of cool, useful and life changing things in return - probably worth 2 to 3 times what you paid!

Here is what you will receive: 

1. You will be able to choose for yourself  (2) spots in one of my 3 to 5 day Plant Medicine Intensives - Check out the current listings of classes in my Voyage Botanica Class Section - Look at the upcoming Arkansas trip for June/2020. The value of this aspect is between $600.00 to $1200.00, depending on the class. I will probably have 6 of these Plant Medicine Intensives scheduled for 2019 to 2020. Value is up to $1200.00 and DOES NOT EXPIRE ... you can use these 2 spots in the years to come!  To clarify, the person who purchases one of these Sponsor Spots will be able to come to 2 Classes with this purchase. No extra cost for these classes.

2. You will receive a SECRET CODE that you can use at my shop, for an entire year, starting on the date of purchase of this particular offer. The code will be worth 50% off ALL Plant Medicine Offerings.  You will be able to use this 50% off discount, anytime throughout the year!

The Value of this code might be worth Thousands of dollars.

3.  Private Medicine Plant Walk/Adventure for 2 people! You can see this offer in more detail in my Voyage Botanica Classes Section - This takes place in the Gila National Forest in Southern New Mexico for 2020.  

The value of this is $250.00

4. HERBAL CONSULTATION - Value $325.00  - This consultation is good for one person, and this person can be assigned by the purchaser.

You can read more about this aspect in my shop. Full details are disclosed in that listing which can be found in various sections in my shop - 

5. RARE BOOKS - Transcript of Michael Moore's 400 Hour Course (Early 1990's) 300+ Pages of Oral Tradition Transcribed Into Written Word. A Rare Treasure - Never Released To The Public! (You get 1 copy)!

Value $120.00

 6. 3 Different 16 Ounce Extracts - Commisioned For Delivery In November - OSHA ROOT, RED ROOT, YERBA MANSA ROOT - All Fresh Plant Extracts Made With Organic Cane Alcohol.

Value $149.00

7. Sometime in the year 2020, you will receive the following Fresh Wildcrafted Plant Medicines:

2 Pounds of Fresh Osha Root

2 Pounds of Fresh Yerba Mansa Root

Value over $150.00


 * Over $2000+ worth of amazing Plant Medicine items. If you count the Discount Code into this, it is essentially worth thousands more in savings ....