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YERBA MANSA COLLECTION - All My Yerba Mansa Plant Medicines In One Place - Discounted too!

$ 149.00

** PLEASE - DO NOT USE ANY DISCOUNT CODES ON THIS OFFER! It is already an excellent Deal!

All Yerba Mansa Plant Medicine here are ethically wildcrafted or actually sustainably farmed. All Extracts are made with Organic Alcohol or Organic Glycerin. 

Here is what you get:

4 Ounce Bottle of Yerba Mansa Root Extract.

2 Ounce Bottle of Yerba Mansa Root - Glycerin Extract.

4 Ounce Bottle of Yerba Mansa Root - Hydrosol or Floral Water

1 dram of Yerba Mansa Root Essential Oil

2 Ounce Yerba Mansa Leaf (Dry)

2 Ounce Yerba Mansa Root (Dry)

Read more about Yerba Mansa in my Plant Medicine section on this website! You will understand why I consider Yerba Mansa to be one of the most important plant medicines you could have in your apothecary!