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Amazing SOUTHWEST TEA BLEND - Seriously The Best Tasting Wild Collected Tea In The Universe!

$ 20.00

When I owned my herb store, I could never keep this tea blend in stock. It always sold out!

It is superb, it is fantastic, it is delightful and seems to make your soul smile!

VOYAGE BOTANICA - Southwest Tea Blend!

Contains: NETTLES, POLEO (Our true Native Mint), Cota (Also, called Navajo Tea), and the delicious, zesty lemon flavored LIMONCILLO!  All of these have been traditionally used in The American Southwest for centuries ... 

It is a good warming - makes you feel good tea - great for all ages and is safe for the whole family.

It really is one of the BEST tasting teas in the whole Universe. 

All plants in the tea are ethically wild collected and the batches I make every year are EXTREMELY LIMITED! Also, I doubt you can find this wild collected blend anywhere else in the world! Very Unique!

Size is 1.5 ounces per container. Seems, that each container makes approximately 7 to 10 Quarts of tea ..