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A Private Ethnobotanical & Plant Medicine Camping Trip for 5 People - For 5 Days - In The Beautiful & Magical Southwest! For The Year 2022 -

$ 2,500.00

* Special Notes -

* Unless invited, NO DISCOUNT CODE can be used on this offer.

* I only have time on my calendar for 2022, for 4 of these trips. 

* These trips are tailored to your needs and desires. 

* You will need to provide your own vehicle, camping equipment and food.

* I supply ALL Plant Medicine Gathering Tools, Alcohol, and provide all the herbal medicine equipment needed, to gather and make a wide variety of plant medicines.

 Let me and my partner Lindsey Orellano, guide you through the wonderful and abundant wild plant medicine gardens in Southern Arizona and Southern New Mexico for 5 days, for 5 people.

This is a car camping event and other than a day pack, for short adventures, there is no strenuous  backpacking or hiking. 

 This offer is for a total of 5 people.  It is actually an affordable plant medicine adventure for 5 people, if the overall cost is shared. 

Amazing canyons, medicine gardens, ancient sites, magical plants, pristine wild country and so much more awaits you and your group.

Depending on the time of the year, as many as 50 or more plant medicines will be taught, collected, and plant medicines made!

This journey together is essentially a dreamy plant medicine journey. Filled with beauty and magical plants, like Osha, Yerba Mansa, and so many others. It is the kind of plant medicine journey that I would of desired to sign up for .. had there ever been such a trip created. Well, it is now here ...

How Does This Work?

First, you purchase the offer. Then we communicate on the dates that work for both of us. All details will be sorted out through communication. By the time you get here, everything will be in alignment. 

* If we can not determine dates, your money will be refunded. However, if we have selected dates, and you need to cancel down the road for some reason, a partial refund will be granted. Circumstances for later date refund will just have to be evaluated. 


The Journey ...