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(NEW) Special Lifetime Pass To Voyage Botanica - Products, Classes and Adventures! -

$ 1,750.00

A Holder of The Voyage Botanica Life Pass is entitled to the following!

*Also, NO Discount Codes can be used on this listing, unless invited to do so ... 

* SPECIAL NOTE! This Life Pass will really come in handy when I redo my schedule. After, the next 6 month program is finished, I will be rescheduling my teaching sessions to include 2 to 3, 7 to 10 day sessions each year. This new teaching style will allow more people to travel and get these precious field teachings!  This Life Pass will come in real handy in the years to come!



You can attend any of my classes, including one of the 6 month programs, when I offer them. You can attend any of my Plant Medicine Intensives, weekend retreats and special events classes.  As stated, you can attend one of my longer programs as well. The NEW 6 month Program has been scheduled for March, 2022 to August, 2022.  Some of my intensives will require a fee for lodging, camping, or material cost, but my actual teaching cost will be waved and that part will be free. 


In addition to this lifetime-pass being good for 1 person, you as the holder of this pass can bring along 1 other person to any of the classes, and they can attend for 1/2 of the listed price of that particular class. This 1/2 price offer does not include any 6 month program. (Unless other communication and arrangements have been made). 


Upon purchase of The Voyage Botanica Life Pass you will receive a private discount code that will entitle you to receive 50% off any of the Voyage Botanica Products - for life. This code can be used 24/7 for the rest of your life. 


5 Days of Private Field Teaching, to take place in The Silver City, New Mexico area and the Gila National Forest. How this works is that you come to Silver City and acquire an Air B & B or hotel for 5 days. Each day we will go into the Forest and study, collect and explore the Medicinal Plants of Southern New Mexico. In these 5 days, we will spend approximately 30 to 50 hours together.  This is an incredible moment in time with a lot of knowledge being transferred. There is no expiration on this event and it will be scheduled for your convenience.


* A Very Special Offering - At some point during our journey together, a special invitation will be extended to you, to attend a sacred healing ceremony with my Native Elders and myself. This special doorway will exist for you and if the timing and need is correct, you will be invited to attend and participate. This opportunity is contingent on several factors which we will discuss. 


A lifetime of herbal/medical/health consultations, for you and your immediate family. Access to my 30 years of experience to help you and your loved ones with their health journey.





 Come join me for a life time of plant medicine learning and exploration 




Thank You!


 * By the nature of this offer being for life, it is not a one time event but extends over the purchaser and myself, our lifetimes, and is not refundable for any reason, once purchased.