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ON LINE CLASS 8 Week Course - Sharing 30+ Years of Clinical Plant Medicine Experience, Wild Crafting, Teaching - Knowledge For All Levels! A LIFE SAVING & CHANGING Experience - This course will take you to a new and deeper level with Plant Medicine!

$ 225.00


* Please Do Not Use Any Discount Codes On This Listing.

* This is an 8 week ZOOM Class and will be held on the following at 6 PM  MST.

* Each class runs about 2 to 3 hours 

October - 18th (first class) and 25th  2022

* The above 2 classes are finished .. and recordings will be sent if you jump on board now.

Here are the remaining class dates:

February 2nd   2023

February 23rd

March 9th 

March 23

March 30 

April 6th

* All classes are held on Zoom at 6 pm MST


The classes will be live, but ALL classes will be recorded and links sent to all who purchase class. PLEASE provide a valid email when signing up...


For over 30 years I have been teaching, wild collecting and doing clinical herbal medicine. My experience is vast and unlike many who dabble in plant medicine, I have actually made my living by doing Clinical Herbal Medicine, pretty much non-stop for over 30 years. My client list is over 80,000 people and I have been gathering plant medicines all this time and have gathered and worked with over a 1000 different plant medicines.

In this course I will share my vast experience so that you are able to understand and excel with plant medicines in a whole new and deeper level. 

We will cover an incredible range of topics .. including going over at least 30 different medicinal plants ... forming the basis of our Herbal Apothecary and we will expand this into areas of formula making, the how's and why's of plant medicine usage, and so much more. I am essentially drawing from 30+ years of experience and polishing this knowledge into 8 weeks, so that you will walk away with a better understanding of how to use plant medicines. This class is a very rich tapestry of knowledge. It all comes from first hand knowledge as a true working herbalist for over 3 decades ..


Please, come join me on this teaching adventure .. guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

ALSO, anyone who takes this class ... can schedule a FREE one day herb walk with me, if you are ever passing through Silver City, New Mexico ..  I need a few months advance notice.