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CLASS With Michael Cottingham - " Preparing For The Future " Exploring Plant Medicines for Viral Infections, Respiratory Health, and The Immune System - 20+ Hour Program - 11 Finished Recordings

$ 175.00

*  11 Finished Recordings are NOW ready to send -  Zoom links with access code given all at one time!!!

You Are Getting 11 finished recordings from last year's class 2020!! 


* This class, and all the recordings which are over 20+ hours in length will be released to the purchaser immediately. These recordings represent an in-depth examination of many amazing plant medicines for better respiratory health ... read more about this class below - 


Come join me for an exciting, educational, and perhaps a life saving online experience. This is the most affordable class I have ever created! It is also a class that will benefit anyone who attends, no matter what your herbal education level might be! 

This 20 hour course will cover many important topics - including plant medicines for general viral infections, respiratory infections with both viral and bacterial aspects covered , and plant medicines and adjuncts for a better immune system. 

I will share my experiences and procedures for the recent viral situation in the world, sharing some aspects of my 38+ positive tested clients. The plant medicines we used and the methods I found most effective. 

We will cover WHY this plant medicine information for viral infections is so important for you to know and WHY this knowledge will be even more important in the future.

* We will cover between 20 to 40 plant medicines that can be used to fight respiratory infections, both viral and bacterial.

* We will cover plant medicines that work to stimulate the immune system and plant medicines that could work to replace antibiotics, especially if modern medicine can not be acquired.

* We will focus on a lot plant medicines that can be found in any bioregion and some common ones that are available (readily) in commerce.  

* Main focus is using plant medicines to effectively navigate pandemics (current one) as well as potential future ones.

*PERSONAL NOTE - All throughout the current pandemic, I never worried or had any fear with this virus because my family and myself were prepared with an array of plant medicines and the knowledge on how to use them for such an event. This is the knowledge and information I strive to share with all participants of this class. I want you to feel empowered with this knowledge and I want you to feel like you have valid options in case you have to navigate a similar event in the future.

You will be able to access and download these recordings through the ZOOM format.  Recordings (10 - 2+ hour sessions) will be available after November 1st, 2020.