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Online CLASS With Michael Cottingham - " Preparing For The Future " Exploring Plant Medicines for Viral Infections, Respiratory Health, and The Immune System - 20 Hour Program - Starts September 22nd, 2020 * Limited Openings * W/BONUS !!

$ 250.00


Come join me for an exciting, educational, and perhaps a life saving online experience. This is the most affordable class I have ever created! It is also a class that will benefit anyone who attends, no matter what your herbal education level might be! 

This 20 hour course will cover many important topics - including plant medicines for general viral infections, respiratory infections with both viral and bacterial aspects covered , and plant medicines and adjuncts for a better immune system. 

I will share my experiences and procedures for the recent viral situation in the world, sharing some aspects of my 38+ positive tested clients. The plant medicines we used and the methods I found most effective. 

We will cover WHY this plant medicine information for viral infections is so important for you to know and WHY this knowledge will be even more important in the future.

* We will cover between 20 to 40 plant medicines that can be used to fight respiratory infections, both viral and bacterial.

* We will cover plant medicines that work to stimulate the immune system and plant medicines that could work to replace antibiotics, especially if modern medicine can not be acquired.

* We will focus on a lot plant medicines that can be found in any bioregion and some common ones that are available (readily) in commerce. 

* Main focus is using plant medicines to effectively navigate pandemics (current one) as well as potential future ones.

*PERSONAL NOTE - All throughout the current pandemic, I never worried or had any fear with this virus because my family and myself were prepared with an array of plant medicines and the knowledge on how to use them for such an event. This is the knowledge and information I strive to share with all participants of this class. I want you to feel empowered with this knowledge and I want you to feel like you have valid options in case you have to navigate a similar event in the future.

We will meet each Tuesday and Thursday evening, from 6 to 8 pm (Mountain Time), starting from September 22nd and concluding on Thursday, October 22nd.

We will be using the ZOOM format and the appropriate Meeting ID and Passcode will be sent out a week before class. Signing up for an account at ZOOM is easy and I recommend that you do so before our first teaching session.

* ALL Classes will be recorded

*When you sign up, make sure I have a working email so that I can stay in touch with you outside of this website. I will need your email for reminders, passcodes, and other information that I will be sending out.  Please, include your email at time of purchase.


NO Discount Codes Can Be Used For This Class. HOWEVER holders of THE VOYAGE BOTANICA LIFE PASS can use their personal discount code that goes with their LIFE PASS. 



Private Medicine Plant Walk/Adventure for 2 People!

BECUASE for me, no herb class is complete unless we can do an herb walk together! So for those who can venture my way (Silver City, New Mexico) someday, I am offering a free herb walk for the day to EVERYONE who signs up for this class ... Read below for details! This by itself is a $300.00 value!

Sometime next year (2021 or in 2022), through communication, we will arrange to meet in Silver City, New Mexico, and spend the day together exploring several amazing medicine gardens. You will have a private herb walk with me, for two people and we will spend approximately 6 to 8 hours somewhere in the mountains. We will gather, make medicines, and talk about many wonderful medicine plants. 

You will be responsible for your transportation, food and lodging. I will take care of medicine making supplies, knowledge, and lead you into the wilds of the Gila National Forest.

We will arrange to meet in Silver City at your place of lodging, then carpool, or I will provide transportation in my vehicle if we are going off road anywhere ..

Although this field trip is tailored to your skill set and needs, I do provide a whirlwind of information and you are welcome to record or film for later learning.

Every season is a little different, but on the average you will probably meet 20+ medicine plants. Many of which I will encourage you to gather for personal needs, if you so desire.