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Receive 70% Off For Life Pass!!! Great For Clinics, Practitioners, Apothecaries ... With BONUS!

Receive 70% Off For Life Pass!!! Great For Clinics, Practitioners, Apothecaries ... With BONUS!

$ 1,000.00

** NO Discount Codes can be used on this listing!!

When you purchase this listing, you will be sent a personal Discount Code that can be used for 70% Off prices, of any listing in this store. This Pass is good for life and can be used for anything in my shop, including all products, classes, etc.

For years Clinics, Apothecaries, and Practitioners have asked about a wholesale pricing of products ... this pass will serve this purpose. Many of my clients already spend thousands of dollars with me ... for those clients, you too will end up saving immensely in the years to come ... This Pass can SAVE you a lot of money, or even help you make more Money through your Herbal Business!!

ALSO, as a bonus - I will offer the purchaser of this Pass a FREE 1 day, all day Plant Medicine Walk (for 2) in the mountains and forests  of Silver City, New Mexico. You can see the details of this in my class section on this website, but here is a brief overview:

How does this work?

Sometime in the year (2021), through communication, we will arrange to meet in Silver City, New Mexico, and spend the day together exploring several amazing medicine gardens. You will have a private herb walk with me, for two people and we will spend approximately 6 to 8 hours somewhere in the mountains. We will gather, make medicines, and talk about many wonderful medicine plants. 

You will be responsible for your transportation, food and lodging. I will take care of medicine making supplies, knowledge, and lead you into the wilds of the Gila National Forest.

We will arrange to meet in Silver City at your place of lodging, then carpool, or I will provide transportation in my vehicle if we are going off road anywhere ..

Although this field trip is tailored to your skill set and needs, I do provide a whirlwind of information and you are welcome to record or film for later learning.

Every season is a little different, but on the average you will probably meet 20+ medicine plants. Many of which I will encourage you to gather for personal needs, if you so desire.