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THE JOURNEY - A Year Long (Private) Plant Medicine Oral Tradition - Passing On Tradition & Medicine Gardens

THE JOURNEY - A Year Long (Private) Plant Medicine Oral Tradition - Passing On Tradition & Medicine Gardens

$ 5,000.00


Currently my 12 Month - Voyage Botanica Field Program is underway. Next Year, my 6 month program will start (March 2020), and run for 6 months. That 6 month program will be my last (Public) long term class! I highly recommend people take this last offering of my longer program.

However, I have a new long term program. It runs for 1 year, limited to 4 people. This is the -  THE JOURNEY - A Year Long (Private) Plant Medicine Oral Tradition - Passing On Tradition & Medicine Gardens.

This program will start in March 2020, or it can start at a different time, per the needs of the student. Regardless, it will run for 1 year from the time you start.

This is a program that allows you a complete immersion into the world of plant medicines and my oral tradition.

It would probably make sense that you would move to Silver City, New Mexico, for 1 year. You will have to secure your own accommodations or living arrangements. You will need a working vehicle and be fairly independent. 

The cost of this program is $9500.00, with this initial $5000.00 down payment a retainer or deposit. The balance will be due on the first day of class or the first day we start working together. There are no payment plans. This is a program where you have committed and are focused in doing the program. The balance due will be $4500.00.

* If for some reason you need to cancel your deposit, it is refundable with a 60 day notice that you are sure you need to cancel and can not reschedule for a later date. Once the program has started for you, there is no refund for any amount, but rescheduling for the following or future year is fine. 

When I was younger, I imagined running off to some far away place, to study with a medicine person or herbalist. Running with them for a time, learning their plant medicines and being shown their magical medicine gardens. Learning to collect the plants, make medicines and learning to work with people. I achieved that dream on many different levels and now I offer that doorway to a few people. You get a doorway that never really existed for me as clearly as I am offering this doorway to you. Essentially we spend a year together in a mutually designed schedule that works for both of us, several days a week. You get to experience my special and sacred medicine gardens, which in time essentially become your gardens. 

In these gardens, many of which I have never shown anyone, is a sacred world of teaching and the potential for you on your journey through life is limitless. In many ways these few spots  I am offering are a direct lineage of the oral tradition which is passed on to you. 

You get to meet my Elders and attend sacred ceremony with sacred plant medicines, off and on throughout are year together. You will visit over 50 of my sacred medicine gardens, most of which I have never taken anyone to. We will travel to many ecosystems and mountain ranges. Incredible, beautiful places, places that are dreamy, ancient and magical. 

It is a life changing apprenticeship and it is an opportunity of a lifetime for the right committed person. 

You will be able to join me on any of my other teachings, intensives and programs, and I would highly encourage this ... why not immerse yourself in every aspect of the oral tradition I teach. However, this is an invite, and not a must do. Our private time together would be enough for most people.

This is a program I have wanted to create for many years and I am finally in a place to offer such a creation. I am essentially passing on many medicine gardens to you directly with this doorway.

Some aspects of my work that I am fairly certain of is that there is no other program with this much field time. This I believe is the crowning jewel of what I am offering. You have to be the type of person who desires from the depths of their soul this walk in the medicine gardens. Our time spent in these gardens with these wild plants will leave you in an amazing place that very few people these days get to experience. You will become a living part of this oral tradition for the rest of your life.

There is a saying - "Everyone wants to know, but not everyone wants to pay the price" .  This program does have a price - $9500.00, being committed and focused, moving to Silver City, New Mexico (Most likely), all the expenses you might have while being away from work and family, etc. However, you will leave with a priceless education and experience. One that could help you recover your monetary investment 100 times over. While important to consider, it really is not the point of this journey. 

Our schedule will vary each month, just as the seasons vary. Since a lot of our time is actually going from medicine garden to medicine garden we will have to be flexible. Most likely each month we will have a discussion of the actual schedule, but I would estimate that we will be spending 3 to maybe 4 days a week together. 

If you are not living is Silver City, New Mexico, but live somewhere within a few hours of my town, I am sure we can work out some schedule that allows us to consolidate our time together, so that maybe you do not need to relocate to Silver City. 

I would imagine that our overall time together would be 12 to 15 days a month, but again, this will vary with the seasons.

Also, keep in mind that I am willing to work with your schedule of work and other commitments in your life. While the opportunity to work together for many days per month is there, the actuality for your life might mean that for some months you can't make all the days, and that is alright. We will make it work. 

Another option for some people, would be to do a solid week at a time, maybe 1 week a month for 12 months. That way they would not have to relocate to Silver City on a semi permanent basis, but just need to secure lodging for 1 week per month ...