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$1000 DONATION  - with Gift Code for $1000 No Expiration Date!!!

$1000 DONATION - with Gift Code for $1000 No Expiration Date!!!

$ 1,000.00


Most of my clients, friends and customers know that I do a lot of philanthropy type of Plant Medicine work. Helping out my clinic, other clinics, assisting other medicine people on their journey, especially in times of need, student scholarships, helping medicine people get to ceremonies, and so much more!

While I accept donations straight up, I prefer to offer something in return!

What this offer consists of is for your $1000.00 donation now, I will send you a special code that you can use here in my store at a later date for exactly the same amount of $1000.00. This code has no expiration date and can be used for up to $1000.00, and can only be used ONE time.

Since many of my fresh plants are seasonal, and many of my plant medicines are limited in nature, it might prove useful to you to have some money in the bank so to speak .. so you can use it when you need it and when I have it in stock.

It is also, a great way to pay for the many classes I offer over the year!

This is a great way for me to have working capital for the various plant medicine projects that I am always involved in and a great way for you to help contribute to these projects and get justly compensated for your directed donation/advanced plant medicine purchase!

Once purchased, contact me and I will give you your special code to use.