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A Very Special Offer - Only 2 Spots Available - My Voyage Botanica Field Legacy Teaching Session & Sponsorship - Set For Summer of 2023

$ 4,500.00

These are very special 30 day Teaching Sessions. I understand these are not for most people, but when I was a younger herbalist, just setting out on the journey of plant medicine knowledge, I would have found this opportunity to be a dream come true, a deep doorway to satisfy my love for plant medicines. 

It is a portal teaching session ... going through this 30 day moment in time with the plant medicines and each other has much potential for accelerated growth and a very deep immersion into the natural world.

There are only 2 spots available,  June and July  - for the summer of 2023. In my world the prime field times are between June and August. Each session is 30 days long. First come, first serve on which month you may choose. August is now filled.

You will need to move to Silver City, New Mexico for the month of your choosing. You will need to arrange your own housing, transportation, etc. 

I am offering for the month you choose, essentially a 30 day window (with a day or two off) of plant medicine teaching, medicine making, field time galore, exploring sacred places, and endless wild country adventures..

* I will tailor this 30 day teaching session to your desires and needs.  

* Currently  2 months are available ... as time moves forward, I will let people know on this page which months are left.  August is filled.

* I also have a 7 month Field Program running at the same time and if you have purchased one of these spots in this listing, you are entitled to attend any other program for those days that may fall into your chosen month! There is currently scheduled a 5 day teaching session for my 7 month program that is scheduled for each of these months .. it is actually a bonus teaching event for those of you who get one of these spots! Regardless of these other classes which you can attend, mostly this is a one on one learning experience. An immense amount of knowledge can be transferred within a month ... especially since most of this is field time ... In the field, there is an exponential growth factor of learning!

* Please consider this an incredible opportunity to study with me in great depth and a true ethnobotanical journey and adventure .. also, consider it as a sponsorship and a way for me to generate income to further my plant medicine work to help benefit all life on Earth ... after all, each step is a sacred journey ... 

* Keep in mind that I have been a Clinical Herbalist, Ethnobotanist, and a Plant Medicine Person for over 30 years. I have made my living in this manner for probably 33 years now. I can tailor a 30 day (probably more like 25 days, with a day off from time to time) journey for you. It can be comprised of Clinical aspects, wild collecting, medicine making, hiking and exploring, survival skills, Earth life skills, it can be gentle or intense. It can have Shamanic Plant aspects woven in, if you so desire. We can even do a backpacking trip into the Gila Wilderness.  In this time I am your personal guide, teacher, and I am essentially there to serve you.

* Although, this offer is meant as a one on one teaching time, I would consider, for an additional fee, one extra person with you, like a spouse, partner or very dear friend. I could accommodate this ...