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FAMILY "PANDEMIC" APOTHECARY - Anti-Viral & Antibacterial Plant Medicine Collection

$ 275.00

*These are the Plant Medicines to have on hand when treating Viral or Bacterial Infections. These are the ones I will count on during times of no antibiotics or limited or no hospital care. Having these particular plant medicines on hand could make all the difference in the world. 

* If medical care (hospitals, doctors, emergency room, etc) are available they should be utilized, of course, but in many cases one will find its limitations, especially with super strains, or pandemic situations.

* These plant medicines are not a substitute for a doctor visit, but to be used after you come home with no medicines given, simply because in many cases there is nothing to be given. Having these plant medicines on hand could make all the difference in the world. That is why these plant medicines are in my first aid kit and in my house, for my family.

This is a $330.00 plus value, if individually purchased. Here in this offering it is $275.00

Here is what you will receive:

* All extracts are made with FRESH plant material and made with ORGANIC Alcohol. These are strong, strong medicines. I would estimate that in this collection are enough plant medicines to treat up to 5 people, a lot just depends on what you are dealing with !!


8 Ounces Osha Root Extract - ($50.00)

8 Ounces Yerba Mansa Root Extract - ($50.00)

1 dram Yerba Mansa Root ESSENTIAL OIL - ($55.00)

4 Ounces Oregon Grape Root Extract - ($30.00)

4 Ounces Elephant Tree Extract - ($37.00)

4 Ounces Red Root Extract - ($30.00)

4 Ounces Lomatium Root Extract ($40.00)

2 Ounces of DRY Osha Root - ($30.00)

1 Ounce of DRY Yerba Mansa Leaf - $15.00

This is a very important group of plant medicines to have on hand! In my Plant Medicine Stories section on this website, you can read up on many of these plants that I am offering here ... do your own research so you are confident with these plant medicines. Knowledge is the key to navigating the unknown!