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FRESH ANEMONE TUBEROSA - (In Flower) 1 Fresh Pound -

FRESH ANEMONE TUBEROSA - (In Flower) 1 Fresh Pound -

$ 95.00

* This plant medicine ships from February to April (next harvest - spring 2018)

FRESH ANEMONE TUBEROSA - (In Flower)  1 Fresh Pound

Many requests for this over the years, to offer Fresh Wildcrafted Anemone tuberosa. This is an extremely difficult one to get out of the field fresh, but it can be done. Needs to go 2nd day air to its destination. I have to choreograph from field, to post office with precise effort. So the cost is reflective of this effort. Also it is limited in what I am willing to provide. However, if you know the plant medicine, you know it is lifesaving in a number of different ways. I harvest each year from sustainable stands, many of which I have visited for over 20 years ...

* You will be notified before I ship, to make sure you are going to be home to receive. All fresh plants are shipped Priority Mail, with a cold pack or frozen ice bottle, this helps assure a fresher plant medicine upon arrival. Please make sure you include a valid contact email with your order ...