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HERBAL TEACHER FOR HIRE - For Your Herb School, Groups, or Private Venues

HERBAL TEACHER FOR HIRE - For Your Herb School, Groups, or Private Venues

$ 3,500.00

* Only 5 of these available for the 12 month cycle of October, 2018 to October, 2019. 

* Once a spot has been purchased, we can work on finding the right time frame that works for you! I am flexible in accommodating your needs.


I offer my 25+ years as an clinical herbalist, ethnobotanist, plant medicine teacher, lecturer, entrepreneur, and as a working herbalist, for long distance travel and teaching ... I will travel to you!

I offer 3 days of teaching (approximate 6 to 10 hour days per day). I will travel to you and in this flat fee, I take care of all my expenses. My travel, lodging, my teaching fee, and all basic teaching supplies are included.

You can allow up to 30 students for these 3 days, making it feasible for some herb schools and groups to even make money on my teaching. What you charge for your (up to) 30 students is your business. 

What I need -

* A place to teach, with tables, chairs, basic classroom like stuff, you must provide this. 

* Some wild lands, woods, fields, a state or county park where we can walk amongst the plants for one of the days ... some outdoor teaching time!!!


I have been teaching herbal medicine for over 25 years, and I have collected plant medicines from Maine to California, British Columbia to Mexico, and essentially all over the world. I am comfortable with teaching anywhere.

I can teach just about any aspect of herbal medicine.  I have worked with over 60,000 clients on a clinical level. I can teach in-depth essential oil making and herbal pharmacy.  I can pretty much teach on any subject within the world of herbal medicine. I am extremely proficient as a field herbalist with collecting plants and making medicines from them. I teach (as with my own school) the principals of Collecting Plants, Making Medicines, and Working With People, and all that goes with it ... I am Eclectic in my teaching!

* This offer is good for the Lower 48 United States. Anywhere within the lower 48. 

* Hawaii and Canada teaching destinations, please add or you will need to send an additional $1,000.00 for expenses. So that would be $5,000.00 for Hawaii and Canada.

* No Europe trips planned at this time.

*** BONUS ***

My life partner, Lindsey Orellano is a certified 500+ hour Yoga Instructor with over 13 years of experience. She will be offering Yoga during the times we are not doing herbal medicine. No extra cost and this would be a donation offering. She is creating a very unique Yoga experience these days, combing traditional Yoga with Western Herbal Medicine. What she is doing with herbs and Yoga, is indeed cutting edge stuff!



Thank You

Michael Cottingham