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Magical 5 Day - Mid Summer - Herbal Medicine Field Intensive - July 26th to 31st, 2018 (Special Apothecary/Clinic Fund Raiser)

$ 590.00

Announcing and offering spots ..for a very magical, fun and incredible plant medicine experience! 

This will take place July 26th to July 31st, 2018. It will either take place in the Gila Wilderness of Southern New Mexico or in the White Mountains of Southern Arizona. The destination will be decided by mid May, 2018, and will depend on weather, forest fires, and general wild country parameters. Your plane tickets and general itinerary will need not worry about our final destination.

You will either arrive in Silver City, New Mexico or in Alpine, Arizona. One of these will be our departure town, for 5 days of Herbal Medicine exploring and learning. We will make a base camp somewhere in the forest and from there do field trips into the surrounding areas to study medicine plants.

This 5 day field intensive - will consist of exploring some mighty beautiful country, amazing medicine plants ( over 40 medicine plants), medicine making, and all the knowledge that goes along with these amazing plant medicines.

* This is a car camping trip. 

* You will need your own vehicle, camping gear, and food for these 5 days.

* I supply all the medicine making equipment, like - alcohol, jars, collecting bags, plant clippers, shovels, basically all the things you need to make fine medicines to take home. The fact that I am supplying all medicine making equipment will make your journey a lot easier, especially if you are flying in to do this trip!





This is a very special offering! Basically all attendees will be helping me to acquire my Apothecary/Clinic building to be set up on my property. After many shifts with my clinic and apothecary, Voyage Botanica has out grown its present situation. The new building will be housed on my property outside Silver City, New Mexico. It will feature a full Apothecary and Clinic and will offer both Human and Animal Herbal Medicine. My current home is rural and I will be able to assist in the medical needs here, for both large and small animals ... and of course people!

Here is the building this fund raiser will go to acquire -


With this particular 5 day field intensive - I am setting out to acquire the down payment for this building which is about $6,000.00. The total cost is ~ $13,000.00. However, with the down payment accomplished, I will be able to handle the monthly payments for the remaining amount.

Essentially, everyone who goes on this particular trip will be helping to fund this rural Clinic and Apothecary!





In May, 2018, I will send out a full itinerary of our 5 day trip. However, if you will be flying in, most folks will either fly into Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona, rent a vehicle and drive toward your final destination (from Phoenix - approximately 4 1/2 hours away) 

I guarantee (barring unforeseen and uncontrollable events) that this 5 day field intensive will provide you with an incredible leap deeper into field herbal medicine and you will go home with an wonderful array of plant medicines. If you are diligent enough, you could even pay for all your expenses, by the medicines you go home with ... not to mention a lifetime of plant knowledge to process and expand upon!



 Check out some video ... this is what we do ... what we see ... an amazing world of plant medicine!



For many people .. these trips into the wilds of Southern New Mexico and Arizona become a turning point in their herbal journey. The medicine gardens we visit vibrate with spirit and life, giving us all a chance to go deeper into connection ... deeper into the meaning of plant medicine.