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Michael Moore Collection - 3 Autographed Books, 9 Lessons on DVD, Unpublished Transcript of year long class and a beautiful 8 x 10 inch photo!

$ 1,000.00

This is a fine group of Michael Moore items! Some of these items are extremely rare and virtually unavailable anywhere else!

This is a fund raising offer and I hope they go to a good and caring home!

First, there are 3 of Michael Moore's field guides, ALL personally signed to me from Michael Moore. These are my field copies and they have journeyed with me into many medicine gardens and teaching sessions, over many, many years. They are all in Good + condition.  An incredible legacy in these books and they have been on a serious medicine journey .... talismanic in nature!

In Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West ... Michael in his witty humor, inscribes " for Michael the Sheriff of Cottingham" .

Second,  This work really needs no introduction, especially if you know the work of Herbalist Michael Moore. This transcript was taken from over 400 hours of tapes that were recorded in the early 1990's, during one of Michael Moore's, almost year long courses. The cost of professionally transcribing these tapes was well over $10,000 dollars!  300+ Pages in length.  The amount of information in this transcript here is staggering!  

Third, There are 9 sessions, on DVD of Michael Moore during his Southwest School of Botanical Medicine class. Each session has 5 to 6 DVD's for a total of 45 or more. I am not exactly sure how many there are, because over 1/2 of the session boxes are unopened. 

Fourth, I am including a beautiful, color 8 x 10 inch photograph of Michael Moore in the field, on one of his last field trips. I took this photograph in the White Mountains in Arizona.