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Old Apothecary Bottle - Circa 1800's Very Rare w/Label - HAND MEDICINE CO. Philadelphia - Children Med - Please No Discount Codes On This Listing

$ 225.00

Circa 1800's    Very Rare w/Label - HAND MEDICINE CO. Philadelphia -  Remedies For Children


Height: 5 1/2 inches
Color: Clear

Condition: Bottle is in excellent condition, no damage. The label is slightly faded, but still spectacular in appearance. VERY RARE with label, especially one this intact. 

* All of my medical and pharmaceutical listings are strictly sold as collectibles to enhance the collections of historical medical memorabilia and are not intended for consumption or any other purpose other than display. 

There was a time when Herbal Medicine was the predominant form of medicine which graced the apothecary and pharmacy shelves of the world. Old Apothecary Bottles and collectible Pharmacy ephemera are highly sought after and are getting more difficult to find all the time. All of these Pharmacy Items are from my personal collection. Keep in mind that Old/Herbal Pharmacy bottles with good labels are the most difficult of all to acquire ...