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Rare Books - The American Dispensatory - John King

$ 200.00

Once upon a time, American Medicine as practiced in the 1800's was predominately driven by the use of plant medicines. These old Materia Medica's and Dispensatory type books are laden with a wealth of history and knowledgeable plant medicine usage. Those of us who take herbal medicine seriously like to go back to the source, when doctor's and pharmacists used plant medicine daily. These type of books are really indispensable, especially if you want to be an effective herbalist.

* This book is sold as is - would make an excellent investment if one were to choose to have it rebound! This volume is still readable and extremely valuable with the information it contains!

The American Dispensatory
King, John

Book Description:   Top one third of spine missing. Remainder of spine attached at the front side. Heavy wear to edges and corners. Tanning to pages. Some age spotting. Hinges broken but still attached. ; 1430 pages

This is truly one of the "Holy Grails" of early Eclectic Herbal Medicine!