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Rare Books - MATERIA MEDICA And THERAPEUTICS by Martyn Paine (1854)

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Once upon a time, American Medicine as practiced in the 1800's was predominately driven by the use of plant medicines. These old Materia Medica's and Dispensatory type books are laden with a wealth of history and knowledgeable plant medicine usage. Those of us who take herbal medicine seriously like to go back to the source, when doctor's and pharmacists used plant medicine daily. These type of books are really indispensable, especially if you want to be an effective herbalist.

Materia Medica and Therapeutics.
Paine, Martyn

Book Description:  411 pp. Samuel S. & William Wood. New York. 1854 (1847) (Hardback, Full leather 7-1/2 inches tall) Good condition. medium wear to cover edges and spine ends. Scratches on spine. Covers stained. Publisher advertisement tipped inside front cover. Pages with water stains a bit more heavy toward front and back of book. Stains not affecting readability or book integrity. Most pages otherwise white.