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$ 12.00

A harmonious blend of mullein leaf, lavender flower, red clover, tarragon, raspberry leaf, white sage, and a little sacred wild tobacco (Nicotiana bigolovii). * This blend does contain some Nicotine.

*Even though it is wild tobacco, one must be over 21 to purchase this blend! Unless you use as an incense/smudge on a charcoal disc. 

The wild tobacco is wild harvested with ceremony, and aged leaves are used as per tradtion.

For many years, people have asked me about ways to cut down on smoking regular tobacco. This blend can be very useful for those who have a problem of smoking too much straight tobacco.

* To be noted, all smoking and inhaling of smoke into the lungs, in excess, can be harmful. Use this blend with respect and focus.

* You receive 1 ounce of the blend.