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A labor of love!  Here you get a set of three spice that I make for family and friends! I have a very limited amount of these available.

 #1 OSHA LEAF SPICE !!!  You get 15 grams of the leaf of Ligusticum porteri - Osha! This is a fabulous spice that tastes like parsley or chervil. It has been used as a traditional seasoning in New Mexico Cooking for hundreds of years!

#2 TWO SISTERS SPICE BLEND !!!  You get 15 grams of two Monarda's - Oregano de la Sierra (Monarda menthaefolia) and Oregano del Campo (Monarda spp.) This blend is zesty and spicy!

#3 OSHANA SPICE BLEND !!!  This is a combination of all three plants - Osha Leaf, Oregano de la Sierra, and Oregano del Campo. This is a traditional blend from New Mexico!


* See labels for more descriptions and uses!!!