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THE ULTIMATE PLANT MEDICINE SESSION - Summer Session - Jun 1st to September 15th, 2022 - 500+ Hours

$ 2,000.00

* No Discount Codes On This One!  Unless you are a LIFE PASS HOLDER, than contact me on your discount for this one ...

* Limited Space Available - Scheduled to have ~ 10 people. 

* You will have to move to Silver City, New Mexico (most likely) because our schedule will be fairly busy, but there is time for your own studies and for employment somewhere in town if you need to work some while doing this course.

* This course is an intensive, with pretty much 90% field time. We will spend 3 days a week together. The total estimated time for teaching time is ~ 500 hours.  This is from June 1st to September 15th. This course is designed to give you everything I can in these 500 hours. Field skills, collecting medicines, making medicines, clinical exploration, pretty much this is a super down load teaching time. I want to leave a legacy of in-depth exploration with each and every person who attends. The times dictate we maximize our time together ..

* We will probably be doing a few overnight camping trips and you will need your own transportation.

* By the time this course is over, not only will you have vital knowledge to last you a lifetime, especially in troubling times, but you will most likely leave with a personal Apothecary probably worth 3 times what you paid for this course .. 

* ALSO, really do not count on me doing this again. The times are very uncertain and I am getting older .. If I can, I will, but I have no ability to see that far out anymore! If this offer speaks to you SEIZE THIS MOMENT!

Come join me for a serious life changing moment in time...

Many Blessings  

Michael Cottingham