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VOYAGE BOTANICA - 7 MONTH FIELD PROGRAM - Starts March, 2023 - MY LAST Long Field Teaching Session - Reserve Your Spot - WITH SPECIAL BONUS+

$ 500.00

First, THE TOTAL COST OF THIS PROGRAM is $2500.00. ( Leaving a Balance of $2000)This listing is for the Down Payment to reserve your spot. The rest of the payment is due during the first session in March, 2023. I highly recommend that one reserve their spot as soon as possible, for this will be my last teaching session of such a long program and I expect that all spots will be gone, more sooner than later.

The $500.00 down payment is refundable between the time your reserve your spot and within 30 days of when first class starts in March, 2023. 

I will probably estimate that over half the spots will already be taken by my Life Pass holders, many of which have been waiting for me to schedule another long program.

*This program will have an estimated 400+ Hours of Field Time. 

* We will meet at designated locations during these months, different places will be our base each month, duration of this time will be 5 day teaching sessions. 

* Each month we will meet at a different location. Either a camping area, or a lodge, or a large Air B & B will be secured as our base. 

* Camping equipment will be needed, but in almost all these locations you should be able to secure your own lodging nearby if you do not want to camp for the duration of these sessions.

* All sessions will take place in either Southern Arizona (March, April, May) and in Southern New Mexico and The High Country of Arizona for (June, July, August, and September)

* Teaching months are March through September, 2023. Locations with all the details will be known and will be sent out by late December, 2022. I can not schedule field time in most of these locations until I see how the season will be shaping up. It is a field course and we are dependent on what Mother Nature provides and I can usually tell where our destinations will be for next year, usually around December/2022. 

* You will learn about an immense array of plant medicines. Over 200+ Plant Medicines. When we have a good base camp with a structure, like an Air B & B or the like, we will do evening classes as well, covering more in-depth medicine making, herbal pharmacy, etc. 

* You will need dependable transportation for these adventures and camping gear for when it is required, etc. A more detailed list of suggested items will be sent out around December, 2022. 

Essentially, I am retiring from these longer teaching sessions and this will be my very last one ... 

Many folks have wanted to study with me in the field, in doing one of these long programs, in order to get the greatest depth of field time possible. Essentially, no other herbal program in the world offers as much field time... and this is my very last one ... I guess for me, as well as others ... it is an end of a very special era!


ALL Students will receive a private Discount Code to be used in The Voyage Botanica Shop for 50% off most products in the shop for one year after signing up for class. 

ALSO, after completing the 7 Month Program each student will be entitled to a 3 day Private Medicine Pant Walk with me, sometime for a time to be set at a later date, most likely from late 2023 and onwards. No expiration date for this offer. This Medicine Plant Walk will take place in Southwestern New Mexico.