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VOYAGE BOTANICA - ARKANSAS/BUFFALO RIVER - Plant Medicine/Ethnobotanical Adventure June 5th to June 8th, 2020

$ 300.00

* NO Discount Codes can be used on this Event!

* This listing represents a $300.00 deposit to reserve your spot! Final cost is listed below and will be due upon arrival.


 I am extremely excited to offer this amazing journey into the oral tradition with the Plant Medicines of Northern Arkansas! We will explore a lot of facets of Plant Medicine, including - Essential Oil Making, Plant Pharmacy and Medicine Making, and as much field exploration as possible. The main goal here is to see as many of the great and classic Plant Medicines as possible. 

LOCATION of our retreat is South of Yellville, Arkansas, a couple of miles from the Buffalo River National Park. This is all situated in North Central Arkansas. Exact location of property is sent in pdf file of information. The month of June is one of the finer months to be outdoors in Northern Arkansas.

We will explore along the famous Buffalo River and surrounding forests. Our lodge is located on 63 amazing acres where we will be able to roam and see many of the plant medicines right out our front and back doors!

 Our mornings will start with (optional) Yoga practice, which is inspired by Lindsey Orellano, who has been practicing and teaching various types of Yoga for over 13 years. Her instruction with herbal medicine and Yoga postures is taking the whole discipline into new areas of understanding.

Our daily Plant Medicine instruction, will be taught by Mimi Kamp and myself (Michael Cottingham). Mimi Kamp has been a practicing herbalist for over 30 years. Is one of the leading founders of The Flower Essence movement in The United States, and is the illustrator of most of Michael Moore's herbal medicine books. She is currently my Co-Teacher at Voyage Botanica - Herbal Medicine Field School.

While an extensive pdf file will be sent to all who register here, our general itinerary for planning purposes at this stage is like this:

June 5th (Friday) - Arrive by Noon - get camp set up, or settle into your rooms, walk about and get settled in. 5:30 to 7:00 pm. Orientation, Getting to know one another, Planning our time together!

June 6th (Saturday) - All Day Teaching

June 7th (Sunday) - All Day Teaching

June 8th (Monday) - All Day Teaching (Till 5 pm)

June 9th (Tuesday) - CHECK OUT BY 10:00 am Sharp!

 I have the entire lodge booked for us, but I have some options for you to consider.

* ALL options start with a $300.00 deposit. This deposit is 100% refundable up till April 15th, 2020. If you cancel after April 15th the only way you get your deposit back is if there is some who can immediately take your spot. This will probably not be a problem, since the number of people interested in this event is greater than the availability! However NO REFUNDS after April 15th, unless I have a purchaser for your spot.

* All BALANCES owed will be paid on first day upon arrival in either cash or PayPal.


 #1 - $300.00 deposit and $300.00 upon arrival for the weekend which includes lodging inside the Lodge. This means you get a bed or room, some rooms will be dormitory style, meaning you might have to share with some compatible person. The nature of this lodge is that while I can guarantee a bed for all who pay this fee, I can not guarantee a private room. However, couples or several friends who arrive together will probably be able to sleep together. I will do the best I can here to accommodate everyone's wishes. 

#2 - $300.00 deposit and $200.00 upon arrival for a camping spot down by the pond. This is a beautiful option for many. Not only do you save $100.00, but you get to camp at a beautiful pond setting with shade trees. You also, can use the bathroom, shower, and kitchen facilities of the Lodge. Basically, total use of the Lodge is yours, you just sleep in your tent. You must bring your own camping equipment! 



If you are a holder of one of my Voyage Botanica Life Memberships than here is what you do! Most of my classes are free to holders of this pass, except those that are not - like this one. However, I can offer a slight discount.

VB Life Membership Option #1 

$300.00 deposit - $250.00 upon arrival - A bed in the lodge.

VB Life Membership Option #2

$300.00 deposit - $150.00 upon arrival - This is a camping space down by the pond with all benefits of lodge use - kitchen, showers, bathrooms, etc ...

* Best thing to do is get your deposit in - $300.00 and when you pay please include your email, and the best option for you. If you are not a Voyage Botanica Life Pass Member than do not worry about those options. REGARDLESS, I need to know your option.



1. I will be sending a comprehensive pdf file in a few weeks. It will pretty much answer all your questions.

2. No Refund after April 15th, 2020. Unless I can find someone to take your place.

3. NO DOGS. I am not doing dogs at the event, Sorry! I am leaving my two lovely friends at home on this adventure!

4. ALL folks need to register by sending their $300.00 deposit. These spots will not last. You do not have a spot unless I have your deposit. 

5. I supply ALL the class room medicine making supplies, like alcohol, jars, bottles, oils, containers, etc. If you want to make additional medicine from the forest and surrounding area, where allowed or permitted, than bring your own medicine making tools for your personal use. I usually, bring extra of everything, collecting tools, clippers, bottles, alcohol, etc ... extra for people to use.

6. If we need any permits or fees to play in The Buffalo River National Park, I will take care of those ...

7. IMPORTANT - You must supply your own transportation to and from the event. You must supply your own food. There are magnificent kitchens in the lodge, with all the tools needed to cook and prepare your food ... YOU SUPPLY YOUR OWN FOOD. 

8. There are very limited spaces for this event. It is $300.00 per person for deposit and balance due as stated above, per person.

9. IMPORTANT - Get your deposit in for $300.00 to reserve your space! Let me know what option you have chosen and INCLUDE an email address for contact, so I can send you pdf file for the weekend, directions, class information, etc.