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$ 5,000.00

* No discount codes can be used with this offer. 

* There are only 2 of these available!


The Voyage Botanica Sponsor Offer is a unique offer that has a value over the life of the holder, that essentially could be worth tens of thousands of dollars ..seriously!

In return for all these amazing aspects that I am offering you, I receive a lump sum of stored energy units called dollars!!!  These dollars help me accomplish larger projects and simply help me serve more people through the Voyage Botanica Service approach ... 


This is the best offer I have ever created!!!




You can attend any of my classes, including one of the 10 or 12 month programs, when I offer them. You can attend any of my Plant Medicine Intensives, weekend retreats and special events classes.  As stated, you can attend one of my longer programs as well. The NEW 12 month Program has been scheduled for March 2019 to 2020. 

If you use this pass over the next few years, you will literally save thousands of dollars.


In addition to this lifetime-pass being good for 1 person, you as the holder of this pass can bring along 1 other person to any of the classes, and they can attend for 1/2 of the listed price of that particular class. This 1/2 price offer does not include any 10 or 12 month program. (Unless other communication and arrangements have been made).


50% Off - for life on ALL purchases.  You will receive a special code for all purchases both here at my shop, and any of my private offerings will only be 50% of purchase price. This is for Life. 


A private Plant Medicine Expedition & Exploration -  A Learning Experience for 2 people, with myself and my Yoga teaching partner - Lindsey Orellano. This is for 5 days in the White Mountains of Arizona. This will be a car camping/ or living in a cabin experience. This will be determined down the road. A fabulous immersion into the world of Plant Medicines with myself as your personal Ethnobotanical Guide!


For up to 5 people in your life, I will provide private Plant Medicine/Health Consultations, for life. Meaning, anytime your family needs health consultations you have lifetime access to my experience. 


I will travel up to 1000 miles from Silver City, New Mexico, and teach up to 10 students/or friends, a 3 day Plant Medicine Intensive! If the travel distance is beyond 1000 miles, extra travel expenses will be required. You get to have me come and teach,  your students or friends, and you can charge whatever fee is needed on your end. Further arrangements and needs will need to be discussed ahead of time, but this is not that complex.