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Wildcrafted Spring ROOT Collection!! 7 different pounds of Roots, One LOW Price!

$ 550.00

These will be shipped from March through May. SPRING OF 2019. Does Not start shipping until next year!!!

Sometimes there may be more than one type in shipment, sometimes just one type. I notify before shipping to make sure you are home.

You will get the following FRESH ROOTS for extract/medicine making.



FRESH RED DOCK ROOTS or Canaigre - Rumex hymenosepalus - 1 Pound Fresh Roots


FRESH YELLOW DOCK ROOTS - Rumex Crispus - 1 Pound Fresh Roots


FRESH MARAVILLA ROOT - Mirabilis multiflora and Mirabilis longiflora Fresh Roots - 1 Pound


FRESH SPIKENARD ROOT - Aralia Racemosa - 1 Pound Fresh Roots


FRESH RED ROOT - Ceanothus spp. (most likely C. greggii or C. fendleri - 1 Pound of Fresh Roots


FRESH YERBA MANSA ROOT - Anemopsis californica 1 Pound Fresh ROOTS


FRESH OSHA ROOT - Ligusticum porteri - 1 Pound