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Wildcrafted Spring ROOT Collection!! 7 different pounds of Roots, One LOW Price!

$ 275.00

These will be shipped from March through May. 

Sometimes there may be more than one type in shipment, sometimes just one type. I notify before shipping to make sure you are home.

You will get the following FRESH ROOTS for extract/medicine making.

The cost if ordered separately with shipping would be over $360.00

You save by buying the Spring Root Collection, your cost with advanced order is: $275.00


FRESH RED DOCK ROOTS or Canaigre - Rumex hymenosepalus - 1 Pound Fresh Roots


FRESH YELLOW DOCK ROOTS - Rumex Crispus - 1 Pound Fresh Roots


FRESH MARAVILLA ROOT - Mirabilis multiflora and Mirabilis longiflora Fresh Roots - 1 Pound


FRESH SPIKENARD ROOT - Aralia Racemosa - 1 Pound Fresh Roots


FRESH RED ROOT - Ceanothus spp. (most likely C. greggii or C. fendleri - 1 Pound of Fresh Roots


FRESH YERBA MANSA ROOT - Anemopsis californica 1 Pound Fresh ROOTS


FRESH OSHA ROOT - Ligusticum porteri - 1 Pound