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DRY PLANT - Bulk - Plant Medicine (Large Amounts)

I love to wild craft! To me it is the corner stone of my herbal journey. I need the most vibrant and most effective plant medicines that I can find for my clients and community. I am blessed to live in a place where there is an abundance of sustainable plant medicines to gather. I am blessed to live in one of the great clean and unpolluted wild areas left in existence.

Most commercial herbs in the market place come from questionable places and questionable practices. Places that are polluted and practices of harvesting that are not really sustainable. 

My guide lines for my wild crafting is simple - My plant medicines are collected with LOVE * REVERENCE * & SUSTAINABILITY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Not just for human generations to come, but for the animals and plants that too have a relationship with all the plant medicines that I gather.

We practice stand rotations, leaving many plant stands untouched for years before we return. We practice proper pruning, reseeding, watering, transplanting, and many other basic gardening techniques in the wild.  

After 25 years of wild crafting, I can say without any doubt that the plant stands that we harvest from are not only doing better but are more abundant and healthier because of our collecting and stewardship.

Wild Crafted Plant Medicines are real natural treasures. They are Plant Medicines of the highest caliber. They are vibrant and strong with life force. They are not jet lagged, tired and exhausted like so much of what you find in commerce. There is a major difference.

All my wild crafted plant medicines are limited in quantity. I can not, nor will I try to meet demand. I collect the amounts that are sustainable.

* PLEASE NOTE - I am offering (Unless noted, otherwise) 8 ounce or 1/2 pound offerings of many fine, unique, and hard to acquire wild crafted plant medicines. If you need more you can purchase 2 or more bags, but most folks will do good with just 8 ounces to start. This restricted selling of amounts (weight wise) is actually another aspect of sustainability. 

* Also note, that a lot of the plant medicines that I offer, have rather larger pieces than what people are used to. They are NOT cut and sifted into super small pieces, nor do they sit around for years before being sold. You may have to break some of the plant material down a little smaller for your various uses. Keeping the plant material as large as possible on my end of things makes sure they retain as much medicine in them as possible. Plant Medicines that have been broken down into what is called "Cut and Sifted" and then stored into bags, sometimes for a 1/2 year before being used are often much, much weaker in their medicinal effects.

All my plant medicines are stored in larger unbroken down pieces, and I only process a few bags at a time for inventory. This assures maximum strength.