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What Is Voyage Botanica ?

 My name is Michael Cottingham and I am the founder of Voyage Botanica. I have nearly 28 years experience with working with medicinal plants. I collect or grow 90% of the herbal medicines I work with, and trade with other reliable people for the rest. I have been a practicing Clinical Herbalist for 25 years, and have been a teacher of Clinical Herbal Medicine for over 20 years. I was director of the herbal program at The New Mexico College Of Natural Healing, founder and director of The Voyage Botanica - School Of Botanical Medicine, and The Voyage Botanica Herbal Medicine Field School. I started Bear Creek Herbs (an herb shop in Silver City, New Mexico) in 1990. I am a graduate of The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, which was founded by Michael Moore.

I believe in collecting my herbal medicines, making my own medicines, and working with people. This is what I teach in my classes - the eclectic approach. I believe in and hold to the highest of ethical wildcrafting standards possible. I believe in service to all life forms and simply try and make my walk on earth a good one. The plant medicines I offer here are a way for me to generate an outside source of income, to assist me in my low income clinic efforts with my community and elsewhere.



At the age of 58 ... I have realized my life is like this spider web. All the many lines represent my close tribe and my extended tribe. The lines represent my connection, my herbal work with thousands of people, from all over the world.

Every day, I work over 10+ hours a day, collecting plants, teaching students, writing, making medicines, taking care of children, supporting my family, filling orders, working with clients, with an endless string of connections, each and everyday, which keep growing.

I am 10 times busier as an herbalist today at age 58, than when I was already busy as an herbalist at age 27.

The web of life grows larger each day ...

I am pleased to finally admit, and to finally announce that everything I offer and do in the world of herbal medicine will take a little longer to get to you, your orders, consultations, advice, answering of messages, etc.

I am at the center of a Large Web of Life ... connected to thousands ... I am the man in the middle of this amazing Web of Life and it is my pleasure to serve ... just a little bit slower.