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I have been Wildcrafting for over 25 years. It has been for me, the corner stone of my deeper spiritual and medical practice. I collect plant medicines, to provide myself and my clients with the strongest and most vibrant plant medicines possible. It does make a difference.  I collect in a sustainable way, in a ethical way, and I consider the fact (always) that my children, and their children will most likely collect from these same stands. I also, understand, that many other creatures also depend on these plant medicines, and I walk lightly in my collecting methods.

I have Wildcrafted from Alaska to Mexico, and from California to Maine. These days I specialize in Southwestern Medicinal Plants, and my "Wild Gardens" number into the hundreds.  

I collect with reverence and with prayerful intent. I collect with the knowing that what I do in the field affects many others down the road. 

* You will be notified before I ship, to make sure you are going to be home to receive. All fresh plants are shipped Priority Mail, with a cold pack or frozen ice bottle, this helps assure a fresher plant medicine upon arrival. Please make sure you include a valid contact email with your order.

* Understand, the nature of Wildcrafting, requires that I know what I need to collect and when, how much, etc. I tend to structure my field time to maximize energy and keep cost down. Example, if I had to collect one pound of Osha Roots for you .. I might have to drive 100 miles, spend a half day doing this just for one pound, the cost would be extremely high! If I know ahead of time that I am collecting 20 pounds for 20 different people, then the trip is cost effective. That is why, I give approximate months or time frames for delivery. Order ahead of the time you actually need the plant medicine!