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Before Our Time - A Rare Creation - Using 145 Year Old Essential Oils In An Argan Oil Base - Divine Healing * Dreaming * A Journey With Our Ancestors

$ 95.00

Perhaps the most unique and the rarest of botanical treasures I have ever created!

For many, many years I have collected ancient and antique apothecary items and old bottles from the early botanical medicine trade. Many times I have come across old essential oils and perfumes. I started to open these older essential oils and to experiment. I realized early on that they still had their original scent, but slightly different then modern essential oils of the same plant.

They appeared to be aged, the notes of the oils slightly tempered. Very unique and nothing like any thing I had ever smelled or experienced before. Extremely exquisite! Similar to a wine that that has been aged for 20, 50 or 100 years or longer. A vibration and a scent that only time can bring to these substances. 

All of these essential oils in this blend are easily over 145 years old.. some pushing 160 years old.  I do not believe anyone has ever created a blend like this before! 

(See the label for all the ingredients in this formula) 

This oil blend seems to touch deep inside our spirit .. bringing amazing dreams and essentially giving us a little touch and smell of "Time Travel". Taking us back to a place "Before Our Time".  A connection to another time and another world that is long gone. 

All of these essential oils are placed in a base of my most favorite of base oils - Organic Argan Oil.  The size you will receive is 2 fluid ounces.

 * This is an extremely FINITE Creation. I will never be able to recreate this blend once the original essential oils are gone. They are over 145 years old and the chances of ever finding all of these again is next to impossible.