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WILD ROSE OIL - Made In 100% Organic Argan Oil - 2 Ounce of Divinity!

$ 95.00

PRECIOUS OIL !!! Super labor intensive!!

WILD ROSE OIL (  Rosa fendleri ) - Made In 100% Organic Argan Oil! 

An Infused oil from the wild collected flowers of the Wild Rose of New Mexico (Rosa fendleri) in a base of Organic Argan Oil. An amazing plant medicine used for centuries to heal and protect the skin, and to ease the Heart!


Use one drop at a time, and a 2 ounce bottle contains ~ 600 drops ... so there are a lot of applications in this 2 ounce bottle!

* Labor Intense to make and always made in small batches every year! Never enough to go around!!