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WILD ROSE OIL - Made In 100% Organic Argan Oil - 1 Ounce of Divinity!

$ 35.00

WILD ROSE OIL ( Rosa woodsii ) - Made In 100% Organic Argan Oil!

LITTLE WILLOW - which is an amazing line of herbal medicine products made by Lindsey Orellano (My Partner), has created one of the most heavenly oils I have ever experienced. 

Lindsey spent countless hours gathering Wild Rose Petals  (Rosa woodsii), with prayerful intent and lots of love, combining with Wild Rose hips, and infusing into one of the most medicinal of skin oils - Organic Argan Oil! One drop of this and you smell like you are standing in a rose garden! This oil is medicinal and healing to the skin, mind and soul!

Use one drop at a time, and a 1 ounce bottle contains ~ 400 drops ... so there are a lot of applications in this 1 ounce bottle!

Lindsey makes her medicines in small batches and they are very finite in availability. Lots of love, prayer, and intent goes into these small artisan creations!