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ASK AN HERBALIST GROUP With Michael Cottingham (30 years experience as Clinical Herbalist) Solve Health Problems and Learn! Please No Discount Codes W/this Listing!

$ 50.00
IMPORTANT!!  Read Below For Better Understanding!

Basically for $50.00 a year subscription you get 1 year of access to having your health questions answered by a Trained and EXPERIENCED HERBALIST!

* You need to be a member of Facebook, because it is a private facebook group! Your purchase this subscription .. send me your facebook email .. the email you use at Facebook .. and I will then send you an invite .. and you can start asking questions!

* It has been nearly 7 years since I last did this private group, and I have decided the need is here once again .. Long Cov, Pandemic Problems, Lyme Disease, Cancer, Basically All Health Problems can be addressed with your questions ...

I have decided to try and help more people with their herbal journey, especially when using herbs for their health. I see a lot of groups and I see a lot advice. A lot of it is good, but a lot of it is lacking with any real knowledge or experience behind it.
I have over 30+ years as a teacher, clinical herbalist, business owner, herbal school director, field time, wildcrafting, medicine making, and a clinical case history of over 100,000 clients.

This PRIVATE group will try and do the following:

You can ask ONE detailed question per week. Basically one distinct post, with as many corresponding questions and answers under that particular post as needed to cover question.

If you have an emergency and need to ask an extra question during the week that is fine, but try and limit your post to one per week.

I will try and give you a response within 24 hours, usually sooner.

Your question should not be considered a substitute for a qualified health care examination, especially for serious conditions.

You can ask anything about herbal medicine, herbs concerning a condition, herbs for animals, herbs for children, herbal business ideas, herbal formulas, wildcrafting, how to market herbal medicines, ethnobotany, shamanic practice and herbs, herbs for specific conditions, etc.

This group is a place where you should feel you can turn to when you have a question concerning herbal medicine, and receive the attention to detail and proper information without causing harm. I will do my best to serve you in this fashion.
My prime directive is to cause NO HARM, but to help you on your health or herbal journey.

Unless requested otherwise, your questions will be seen by other people in the group. This makes this group somewhat of a unique teaching and learning platform for all who are in this group!

This group arises out of the need to conserve and focus my energy more efficiently. Over the last 6 months I have received well over 3000 herbal questions, and while I am the kind of person who tries and answers, I find that my time has a value and my knowledge concerning herbal medicine is fairly immense. I need to find a compensating balance for myself, my herbal practice and my low income clinic. The fee for this group access allows me to remain in service to more people, more effectively.

Thank You & Best Of Health To You

Michael Cottingham