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DEEP CONGESTION - Inmortal, Osha, Grindelia, Ginger & Desert Lavender - 2 Ounce Size

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DEEP CONGESTION - Inmortal,Osha, Grindelia, Ginger, Desert Lavender - 4 Ounce Size

Contains: Fresh Extracts - Wildcrafted or Organic - Inmortal Root (Asclepias asperula), Osha Root (Ligusticum porteri), Grindelia (Grindelia spp.) Ginger Root (Zingerber off.), and Desert Lavender (Condea emory),  made with Organic Alcohol and Glycerin, at a 1:4 ratio.

* Inmortal (Asclepias asperula) is a traditional remedios of The Southwestern Tradtions. It was a plant medicine used by many communities during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. It is historically been used to move extreme congestion out of the lungs.

*Contains cardiac glycosides which may interfere with allopathic heart and high blood pressure medicines. Contra indicated during the first trimester of pregnancy.