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ARE YOU READY? An Herbal Medicine Prepper Package Offer * This is What I Want To Have On Hand - Please Do Not Use Any Discount Codes On This Offer!

$ 450.00

If you are paying attention to the state of the World, then you know things are very precarious. I am not an alarmist, but a man who has travelled the World on many expeditions to study and gather plant medicines. My nature is to prepare. In order to prepare properly you have to be observant. You have to be able to read the signs all around you .. so to speak .. on this road of life. 

Today, there are many possible scenarios that could be extremely problematic. Currently we are facing a Global conflict, cyber attacks, loss of the Grid (Loss of electricity), Shipping disruptions, medicine shortages, price increases (super inflation), and most importantly another viral pandemic.

The plant medicines, I am offering you below will help you become very prepared to face and deal with hundreds of health situations, from minor to life threatening, especially when viral or bacterial infections are a concern.  After 33+ years as a Clinical Herbalist, I can say this with much confidence!


* DELIVERY OF THIS PACKAGE OFFER WILL BE AFTER AUGUST/2024 (It takes awhile to assemble all of these)

VALUE of this package is Over $2000.00+ and purchase price is an incredible deal!

* Many of the plants and formulas in this offer can be found with more information throughout my site, but especially in my Plant Medicine Stories section ...



Individual 16 ounce extracts  - ( You get one of each)

ACHILLEA MILLEFOLIUM - Yarrow - Whole Fresh Plant - 1:2  ($75.00 Value)

ANEMOPSIS  CALIFORNICA  -  Yerba Mansa,  Bavisa  -  1:2  -  Fresh Root   ($75.00 Value)

ARALIA RACEMOSA - Spikenard Root - 1:2 - Fresh Root   ($75.00 Value)

ARGEMONE PLATYCERAS - Prickly Poppy - 1:2 - Above Ground Plant In Flower   ($75.00 Value)

CEANOTHUS spp.  - Red Root - 1:2 - Fresh Root  ($75.00 Value)

CUPRESSUS  ARIZONICA  -  Arizona Cypress  -  1:2 - Fresh Leafy Branches   ($75.00 Value)

ESCHSCHOLTZIA CALIFORNICA - California Poppy - 1:2 - Fresh Whole Plant  ($75.00 Value)

GARRYA WRIGHTII -  Silk Tassel -  1:5 - Dry Leaf - 60% Alc.   ($75.00 Value)

LIGUSTICUM PORTERI  - Osha, Chuchupate, Bear Medicine - 1:2 - Fresh Root   ($75.00 Value)

LARREA TRIDENTATA - Chaparral - 1:5 -  Fresh Leaf, using 70% Alcohol   ($75.00 Value)


Special Formulas 16 Ounce Size - ( You get One of each)

* Look in my Formulas section here at my website to see the contents of each Formula.

DEEP IMMUNE #2  Respiratory Health - Antiviral  ($200.00 value)

MOVE & FLOW - LYMPHATIC FORMULA  ($200.00 value)

DEEP CONGESTION   ($200.00 value)

MOUTH EASE   ($200.00 value) 

DETOX BLEND   ($200.00 value)

NERVE RESTORE & PROTECTION   ($200.00 value)


You get 8 ounces of Each

LIGUSTICUM PORTERI  - Osha, Chuchupate, Bear Medicine - 8 ounces Dry Root (Value $160.00)

LARREA TRIDENTATA - Chaparral  - 8 ounces Dry Leaf  (Value $35.00)


* PLUS - with each purchase I will offer 3 hours of FREE Consultation time. This can be used during the "Next Emergency" or for a session to talk about the Plant Medicines up above. Just send me an email to to arrange your time for the consultation.  (VALUE - $300.00)