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SUMMER APPRENTICE PROGRAM 2025 - A Deep Exploration into all Facets of Plant Medicine .. The Legacy Program with ONLY 5 Spots Available!

$ 5,500.00

You can send an email to me at for questions, but I will try to describe and answer many of those here ..

I no longer do large field class teachings .. I need to move into a more intimate and smaller group setting. Hence, this new style of smaller group field school. Instead of retiring from all field school teachings .. I will continue in this new format. There is also other reasons for this as well ..

This is my Legacy Program .. spread out over 4 Months June, July, August and September of 2025. 

You will have to move to Silver City, New Mexico (Unless you already live near by) for those 4 months. We will spend hundreds and hundreds of hours together doing Plant Medicine on every facet of its existence.

We will spend a lot of time in the field, collecting, studying and visiting ALL the medicine gardens that I work in .. the wild gardens. You will be privy to many of these secret places and I am essentially sharing the responsibility of these gardens with you for the future.

There are ONLY 5 Spots for this Summer 2025 Program ... and one is probably already taken ...

You should be in good shape overall, able to hike at least a mile from time to time, be able to camp from time to time, and be able to drive a vehicle on dirt roads if needed, and overall be an outdoor type. You also need a dependable vehicle.

This journey or program is about teaching you, some of the deepest aspects of the Plant Medicine I have learned to carry, some of the deepest aspects of the medicine I have been fortunate enough to develop and carry after all these decades. I am looking for those few people who have that burning passion to go through that doorway ..

You do not need to be an experienced herbalist whatsoever, because you will learn every facet of herbal medicine, but some experience that you might have just means we can go deeper into the natural world.

There has never been any curriculum in any other herbal teaching venue in The United States that offers as much time in the field with the plants than with my teachings .. this is very, very old school. 

I understand the cost, relocating to Silver City, and other factors, narrows down the amount of people who can possibly do this .. 

I am opening the door for an intense and life changing experience for the two who will show up, because essentially creator sends them this way ...

* ALSO, students who take this most serious apprenticeship with me .. do have the opportunity to become partner's with Voyage Botanica .. to take on and over aspects of Voyage Botanica in the future... 


Michael Cottingham