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An Amazing Anti-Oxidant and Skin Rejuvenating OIl - Organic ARGAN OIL - 4 ounce size

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An Amazing Anti-Oxidant and Skin Rejuvanating OIl - Organic ARGAN OIL - 4 ounce size.

This is an amazing oil to use directly on the skin - straight out of the bottle or to be used in your herbal oil and salve making process. Argan Oil is made of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E/tocopherols, squalene and sterols. Each of these components is unique and useful for different reasons. Some act as antioxidants. Others help with chronic inflammation. Some properties are even known for their ability to protect against skin cancer and for being anti-tumorigenic.

In my topical plant medicine creations Argan Oil is my most used base for all my herbal oils and salves. Because just by itself, it is an amazing healing oil. It is perfect for reducing stress to the skin and speeds up healing of damaged skin tissue. It is used in a large array of skin care products to prevent premature aging of the skin.