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The FINAL .. Voyage Botanica Field School Long Session - Summer of 2024 - 400 Hour Field Course - Secure Your Spot Today with Deposit Price - Balance Due When School Starts In June 2024

$ 500.00

 * Read Carefully -  This listing is for the DEPOSIT - which is for $500.00!!  The total cost for this course is $3200.00. Your remaining balance of $2700.00 will be due in June 2024, on the first day of class...   


One more time ... 

After much thought and evaluation of all things pertaining to these long format field teachings ... I have decided to offer this long program one more time.  The requests have been numerous and many people were sadden by the fact that I had chosen to retire these programs. I have had numerous set backs over the last two years and only now see the possibility of doing this program one more time. Let's say without a doubt it is spiritually guided and I feel excited to do this program one more time.

 * This program will run from June 1st, 2024 to September 15th, 2024. Approximately 400 hours of teaching will take place. Most of this teaching time will take place in the field. We will have a base in SILVER CITY, NEW MEXICO, near the fabulous Gila National Forest. This is my prime field time and the abundance and variety of medicine plants available makes this the perfect time for accelerated learning!

* We will meet at least 3 days a week, most weeks. Some weeks more teaching days, especially if we are doing camping or driving a bit further than usual. 

* I envision a schedule something like this:

* One week in each month will be 5 days of classes. That is June, July, August and September. That is 20 days of field teaching. This 5 day period will allow long distance students to make it worth their while .. especially if they have to commute from far away. This 5 day session each month .. is most certainly one you do not want to miss.

* All the other weeks will have 2 to 3 days of teaching. I might decided to have one of the weeks be an off week. I will have a more complete lay out out of the schedule in the months to come.

* Ideally, moving to Silver City, New Mexico for the Summer of 2024 will allow you to attend the most class/field time. However, I know that will be difficult for some and for those who will be commuting from a longer distance, know that it is ok to miss some classes. If I have a lot of students coming from faraway for each session, I will adjust things some to everyone's advantage .. so that you get the most field time possible.

* Within 100 mile radius of Silver City, New Mexico, our base .. there are over 200 medicinal and edible plants to see, learn about, gather, and make medicine from. I will share with everyone my most special and sacred medicine plant gardens. 

*There is accelerated learning here ... because we spend most of our time in the field with the best teachers of all .. the plants.

* What do we learn about?

Wildcrafting ( well over 100 different medicine plants in this course). You essentially have the opportunity to build your own world class apothecary during our time together.

You learn ..

Medicine making -  including Salves, Essential Oils, Extracts, Baths, Tea Usage, Medicine Plants in Smoke, Flower Essence Making, Spiritual and Intuitive Herbal Medicine, Clinical Usage, and many more aspects ..

You learn preparedness ... you learn about what it means ... "When there is No Doctor" and how to become reliant on your knowledge to navigate these "what if moments", moments that we all experience eventually in our lives ..

You learn about how to take care of your health needs for you or your people, especially when the traditional healthcare system is gone or so broken that it really has nothing to offer you anymore. 

You will learn to effectively treat things like rattlesnake bites, poisonous creature bites of all kinds, serious viral and bacterial infections, asthmatic attacks, pandemic like situations, and other serious conditions.

My goal is to share and down load all that I can to my students, in order to get them prepared for the what appears to be very troubling times ahead ... to become a most valuable human being to the world around them .... no matter where they are in the world ...

I have been seriously doing Clinical Herbal Medicine for over 30 years. Working with well over one hundred thousand clients .. collecting thousands of pounds of medicine plants, representing over thousand different plant species, making my own medicines and making a living as a working Herbalist for over 30 years ... 

Even with all my Herbal Medicine experience .. the MOST important thing I offer is the immense amount of field time. There really is no other herbal program in the world that offers this much field time .. this is the most important thing to consider and understand ... field time like I offer is the crowning jewel of ones herbal medicine journey .. and all the other herbal "things" fall in their correct place at the correct time, once your herbal field time becomes your foundation. 

It takes a lot of energy on my part to run this program .. and I was fairly certain that I had retired form these long sessions ... but spirit has spoken differently, so I will do this one more time ... and share all that I have accumulated over these 30+ years of my Plant Medicine Journey ...

* Important - I have only 10 public spaces available.  New spaces that is ...

Past Students who had deposits from previous classes, have the opportunity to apply their tuition and down payments towards this class (Please Contact Me). Life Pass Holders, also have the opportunity to apply their cost towards this class (Again, please contact me) we will work out the details ... SPACES WILL BE IN SHORT SUPPLY, Overall!

* This is THE LAST time I will be able to teach one of these long classes  ...  

***  SPECIAL NOTE!!!   Because Cannabis is legal in New Mexico. We will be bringing this plant into our Materia Medica for the very first time. Learning how to use this amazing plant medicine, for juicing ( to repair the human DNA and for various terminal conditions), we will make oils, salves, extracts and learn to combine Cannabis even more effectively with all the other wonderful plants we have to work with ...  I am excited about this aspect and I have waited nearly my whole life to be able to teach you about the Cannabis and other Plant Medicine combining ...

* More details will be forthcoming in the months to come ... but for the moment, if you have any questions .. you can send them to -  Michael Cottingham 

Blessings To You All