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(50) OSHA SEEDS - Ligusticum porteri - With Mycelium Rich Soil - AVAILABLE AFTER OCTOBER/2023

$ 45.00

Osha (Ligusticum porteri), packet of 50 seeds with 2 pounds of Mycelium Rich Osha Soil!

Osha prefers full sun to part shade 60/40 and is often found in association with aspen groves or you can plant near any Populous species type trees. Sow in outdoor conditions in flats or in garden bed.  Sow seed about 1/4 inch deep and cover with soil, press firm, then cover the planting with a thin layer of organic mulch and mix in the mycelium rich soil into your planting soil.  Sow in cool soils in outdoor conditions.  Seems best to sow in the fall for germination in the spring.  

In my experience with growing Osha from seed, I have found there is a special relationship with Osha, Populous species and the mycelium in the soil. I have included ~ 2 pounds of mycelium rich Osha soil with each batch of 50 seeds. I seem to always get greater success in growing Osha from seed if I use this soil. My theory is that the mycelium is very important to the overall success. Just mix the Osha Soil in with your soil and surround each seed with a good tablespoon of this mycelium rich soil. 

Hardy to Zones 4 to 8