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LYME PROTOCOL #1 & #2 Extract 4 Ounce size - Advanced Combo

$ 159.00

My most advanced formula to date. The plant medicines in these two formulas have been used with a lot of Lyme Clients that I have worked with ..

The "herxing effect" is very minimal, and in most cases, none at all!

It is simple, you use Lyme Protocol #1 first and when that bottle is gone, you start on Lyme Protocol #2. After finishing both bottles, you need to evaluate. Sometimes it seems that further Lyme Protocol #2's need to be utilized.

 While, I do not consider myself an expert on Lyme Disease, I have worked with close to 200 Lyme Clients and the results I have seen and they have experienced with these plant medicines, has been nothing but positive.

* In fact, because I know Lyme Clients have gone through the gauntlet of so many remedies, and spent so much money dealing with this condition, I will offer something I never really do .. * If you have Lyme Disease and after trying these combo formulas, both bottles utilized, and if you can honestly tell me that you did not get anything positive from these plant medicines, I will refund your purchase and shipping costs. I offer this total refund, simply because less than 1% of the folks who have worked with these plant medicine showed no improvement. That is an amazing observation and extremely hopeful for those who try this combo.