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ON LINE CLASS - OSHA ROOT - Ligusticum porteri - My 30 Year Journey of Conservation, Spirituality and Medical Usage - RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE!

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This class is a  4 hour LIVE ZOOM class (Completed) on The Medicinal, Spiritual and the Historic Uses of OSHA ROOT - Ligusticum porteri. I will also be discussing my 30 years of successful conservation and propagation of this amazing medicine plant.

My relationship with this medicine plant is very rich and I have used this as a medicine with thousands upon thousands of clients. I consider this plant medicine to be one of those cornerstone plants for serious - life threatening problems.

I have learned many unique spiritual uses from my Native Elders, those Elders sharing traditional uses with me over the years. I actually am one of the main suppliers of Osha Root to well over a dozen Native American Tribes and in this relationship I have learned a lot about this plant medicine that is not written down anywhere...

I have a lot to share with you about this medicine plant and invite you to come join me for a really important and in-depth teaching about this beautiful medicine plant!