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On Line Class - Prepping For Disaster - Plant Medicines & Medical Tools That You Need To Know About In The Difficult Days Ahead & Relying On What You Know!

On Line Class - Prepping For Disaster - Plant Medicines & Medical Tools That You Need To Know About In The Difficult Days Ahead & Relying On What You Know!

$ 75.00


This is a NEW Zoom Class Scheduled to begin and run on these days:

September Thursday 29th at 6 pm MST

October Thursday 6th at  6 pm MST


* The above classes are finished and recordings will be sent if you choose to join now .. ALL recordings are sent out after classes are finished. You can purchase at anytime the entire class.

NEW/Rescheduled Classes:

February 16th, 2023   at 6 pm MST

March 2nd, 2023  at 6 pm

March 16th, 2023  at 6 pm  (Extra Class)


Class time in total will be at least 8 hours, most likely closer to 10 to 12 hours! There is a lot to cover after all!!

This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Class and I have an immense amount of Plant Medicine and Medical Prepping to share. Everyone knows the times are extremely uncertain in a number of different ways. I am a Medical Prepper at heart and I believe this is an extremely vital area of knowledge where most people are lacking. 

We will cover and talk about 10 to 20 Medicine Plants. I will share with you what I consider the important ones ... the ones I carry for uncertain times. I will cover plant medicine that can be found in most areas of the country. Ones that you can find or easily grow. We we also cover other Medical Tools that you should know about and have on hand ... 

* These classes will be recorded and links sent after each class, for future reference or listening to, in case you miss a class. You can also download these classes for safe keeping.

* This will be a great class to ask questions in, especially if you have certain medical conditions and maybe you are dependent on certain medications, like for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid conditions, etc. Simply put - What will you do if you can't obtain you vitally needed prescription medicines?

This kind of Plant Medicine/Medical Class is my where most of my talents have been at for over 30 years ... Preparing for the "What If" moment in time.

 While I am a general Preper-Homesteading Herbalist, I am also a Medical Herbalist with over 30 years experience in Clinical Herbal Medicine. I also have travelled the world, from the many Jungles to the Sahara Desert, using these preper skills already for decades!

True Herbal Medicine Prepping is an area that one can find difficult to find real and reliable information about ... this class will help you remedy that problem.

In reality, this could be one of THE most important classes you will ever take from me ...  The times seem to indicate this ... 

To think about it in another way ... Do Not be scared and feel helpless ... Know how to act and survive.  Be prepared!

* When signing up ... MAKE SURE TO SEND ME YOUR VALID EMAIL .. I need this to add you to class and send you the links.

Best Wishes and Many Blessings  


Michael Cottingham