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( RECORDING & PDF NOW AVAILABLE) ON LINE CLASS - Stop The Mind Chatter & Lessen The Fragmentation of The Mind, Body & Spirit with ANEMONE/PULSATILLA - A Plant Medicine For The Times We Live In!

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* Please Do Not Use Any Discount Codes On This Class!

On February 8th at 6 pm MST (Mountain Standard Time) I will hold a 3+ hour ZOOM Class on The Amazing Plant Medicine called ANEMONE or as some call it - Pulsatilla. Also known as Anemone tuberosa .. one of the most significant of Eclectic Plant Medicines to learn about!

Live Class will be held on:

( RECORDING & PDF NOW AVAILABLE)  - 3 1/2 Hour Recording!

February 8th, 2023 at 6 pm MST. Recordings will be available and sent out to all who sign up for the class, regardless if you attend the live class or not. You can download the class and listen at your leisure.

* MAKE SURE you include your email in the purchase so that I can send you the Zoom class invite and recording.  

* ALL On Life Class Pass holders are automatically added to this class, as well as all classes I offer. You will automatically be added to each class group so that you receive the information and recording/s ... whether you attend live class or not.

NOTE:  If you are not familiar with this plant medicine, I highly suggest you read in my PLANT MEDICINE STORIES Section about this wonderful and important Plant Medicine- That section is here at this website - It is entitled:

Bring Yourself Back To Center & Stop The Mind Chatter - The Wonders of Anemone tuberosa

This class will go way beyond what is written in my write up and will teach you how to use and understand this plant medicine more fully. I consider Anemone tuberosa one of my "cornerstone" Plant Medicines. My experience with using this plant medicine has been with thousands of people .. in a wide variety of circumstances and illnesses! Come join me for a very important class ....