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First, you can always contact me at  If you have a lengthy question or a specific need. I will do what I can to answer or help you ... 


WHY ARE MOST OF YOUR EXTRACTS IN 4 OUNCE Size Only?   The reason I mainly sell in the larger sizes, is simple. If you have a need for a particular plant medicine, especially when treating chronic problems, you most likely will go through several ounces. The 4 ounce size saves you time, money and especially saves you money on the extra postage that is required for refills. 

ARE YOUR PLANT MEDICINES AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND?  Some are, many are not. My Plant Medicines are collected and made in small batches. I can not supply commerce with an endless amount. That is not the nature of my work. I make high quality and VERY LIMITED amounts of my plant medicines. All of my medicines are unique and of the HIGHEST quality I can maintain. I collect the plants, make the medicines, and work with people. I have done this very successfully in my community for over 20 years, and continue to work locally, so my online plant medicines are extremely limited.